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I'm Here! Eh, So Now What?

Though I’m not too sure of how this community works yet, I’ll be sure and try not to screw things up too bad. As previously mentioned on the information page, my AIM s/n is Sage42343. I don’t mind being IMed, but I do mind offensive language and subjects while in The Interstellar Tsunami. I have a pretty high tolerance for stuff like that, but only if I’m not pushed over the edge. My rules are as follows:

> No excessive swearing unless told otherwise
> No offensive jokes pertaining to ones racial or ethnic background, sex, etc.
> No gossiping or backstabbing
> No advertising unless told otherwise

If you follow those 4 rules, I’ll be your best friend! Well, a good friend, anyway. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Now for a bit about me. I’m 15 and from Ohio, and my hobbies are video games and computers. I’m almost always online, but that’s subject to change once school gets started again (August 21st). This shouldn’t affect me being on during weekends though.

What I felt needed to be said has been said, and I hope everyone has a good time. Get caught up in The Interstellar Tsunami today! *Rim shot*
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