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stellar_tsunami's Journal

InterStellar Tsunami
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Welcome to the Interstellar Tsunami, a community which is really just a group of friends looking for some clean fun. It is open to all people, as a generally various chat room, or just for a place to relax and kill some time. With an AIM chat room and this community of (x) people, the Interstellar Tsunami is a growing place for chat, making new friends, and an easy policy.

Although we aren't very strict, the Interstellar Tsunami does have a few guidelines which we'd like you to follow. At IST, we try to keep the conversations varied, and focus on specific topics for brief periods of time only. Keep it spontaneous; dirty topics are temporarily acceptable, as long as they're not degrading, demeaning, or otherwise offensive to the leaders of the community. Last but not least, try to have fun, or the evil midget squid robot will eat you.

The leaders of this community, bfdjon (Nuclear Antbite), inh (Tiny Kosher Dill) klobber (SignOfTheDonut), supersage (Sage42343), are on the same level as the others in the community. There are no ranks of superiority; there are no special favors to be granted. We don't encourage sucking up to us, as it's highly annoying and serves no point. Just try to respect us and the other members as well.